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By Dr. Johnson C. Philip

Bible and its message are thoroughly established upon background. occasions like temptation and fall in Eden, promise of a virgin-born savior, and the discomfort, crucifixion, and resurrection of the savior are foundational to the Christian faith.

This is a multi- quantity paintings, and this quantity deals an "introduction" to Biblical Archeology. It doesn't checklist or describe discoveries, to be able to come simply in a destiny quantity.

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The modern western rationalism and theological radicalism is thus the illegitimate offspring of the millennium-long Roman Catholic oppression of thinkers. With the rise of modern western dissent (properly speaking, resentment against the Christian faith, an increasing number of them started hunting for ways to dismantle the Bible. And historical sciences came in handy because at that time it was relatively easy to argue against the Bible in the name of history. Better yet for them, both scholar as well as the lay skeptic could easily use history, particularly the ancient history related to the Bible lands, to argue against the Christian faith.

About twenty percent of born-again and God-fearing Christian face serious doubts about the reliability of the Christian faith. Any help from any coiner is welcome to help solve their doubts. Such people consider Biblical Archeology very important because they are greatly helped by it. However the remaining eighty percent do not know this. Yet they to need it, are helped by it, and should know at least something about the way they are helped. 1. Contribution In Defense of Faith: Christian faith today face attacks from all over, such attacks were always there, starting from what the Serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Daniel and friend lived at a time and in a country where even native officers in king’s place always lived in terror about king’s displeasure. Thus the aliens like Daniel and his friends had nothing humanly speaking to assure them in any way. Kings and emperors used to be so cruel, and their executions so savage, that it was a common practice to skin people alive, mount that skin on frames, and display then at the gate of the city. The crime for which such punishment were given were often small things such as displeasing the king during routine conversation, or the king taking a disliking for the smallest thing in a person’s life.

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Archeology And The Christian (Biblical Archeology) by Dr. Johnson C. Philip

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