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Angelmass, a black gap deep in house, emits "angels," small debris that render people calm, moderate, and almost incapable of mendacity. The Empyrean, human colonies within the some distance reaches of the galaxy, has stumbled on the angels and the facility they wield. All participants of Empyrean executive needs to hold an angel.The Earth-based Empire, the Pax, view the angels as an alien plot to subvert humanity. They dispatch Jereko Kosta, an blameless educational, to undercover agent at the Empyrean and discover the reality approximately angels. With Chandris, a grifter who canines his steps, he enlists on an "angel-hunting" send. pack up, Kostas learns the angels should be extra harmful than the Pax worry. sooner than he can react, the Pax dispatches their strongest warship to confront the Empyrean. Now, Kosta and Chandris, one of the few who be aware of the reality concerning the angels, stand among the Empyrean, the Pax, and conflict.

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Unless they didn't have any choice in the matter. If indifference to personal safety was in fact a side effect of Seraph's proximity to Angelmass... He forced the thought from his mind. There was no point in letting his imagination run wild. Not when he would soon be able to start digging out the facts for himself. He eased into the wide cross corridor beyond the customs tables and joined the flow of pedestrians. There were more people than he would have expected, clearly a result of the Empyreal habit of combining air and space travel facilities.

New to the upper class, interested in her, and too bashful to breathe straight. That was probably it. Really it was. But the knot refused to go away. Abruptly, she drained her wine and stood up. " she asked Toomes. A flicker of surprise, then the hunter's smile was back. "Sure," he said, polishing off his own drink and getting to his feet. Maybe he was reeked enough, maybe not; but at the moment Chandris didn't care. She just wanted out of here. And if it meant having to endure more than just Toomes's pawing hands for once, she could handle it.

She stepped inside. Taking a deep breath, Kosta followed. The furnishings were similar to those of the other labs Podolak had shown him, though the room itself was much larger than any of them had been. The arrangement of the equipment, however, was strikingly different. Instead of being set out in standard rows, the worktables and stations here were arrayed in concentric circles around a chest-high cylindrical pillar rising up from the floor in the center of the room. A handful of people were scattered around the lab, hunched over notebooks or computers or complexlooking electronic breadboards.

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