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Even if the legitimate compendia outline a drug substance as to identification, purity, power, and caliber, they mostly don't supply different actual or chemical information, nor do they checklist tools of synthesis or pathways of actual or organic degradation and metabolism. Such info is scattered in the course of the clinical literature and the documents of pharmaceutical laboratories. Edited by means of the affiliate Director of Analytical study and improvement for the yank organization of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Analytical Profiles of Drug components and Excipients brings this knowledge jointly into one resource. The scope of the sequence has lately been improved to incorporate profiles of excipient fabrics.

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When the acid is heated to 370"C, it is irreversibly decomposed to benzene and carbon dioxide, and a small portion (2-8Y0)decomposes into phenol and carbon monoxide. Copper and cadmium powder increase the reaction rate by factors of approximately 9-fold and 200-fold, respectively. 2 Solution-PhaseStability Aqueous solutions of benzoic acid react with metals, and can generate hydrogen gas [46]. When a solution consisting of 1 mole of benzoic acid in 8 moles of water is heated in autoclave, a slight decomposition with gas BENZOIC ACID 41 formation is noted at 200°C.

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