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This e-book highlights the sensible and common points of the corrosion of aluminium alloys with many illustrations and references. as well as that, the 1st bankruptcy permits the reader who's no longer very conversant in aluminium to appreciate the metallurgical, chemical and actual beneficial properties of the aluminium alloys.

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7, 8, and 9 summarise the results obtained. STAGES OP A N N E A L I N G . Whatever the amount of work, the following stages can be distinguished:— (i) Region of cold work, (ii) Region of softening, (iii) Region of complete anneal, (iv) Region of f alling-off of Elongation. thick) 100 200 300 400 500 600°C Temperature FIG. —Variation in Mechanical Properties on Annealing after 50 % Cold Work. (i) Region of Cold Work ; 0-150°. Within this range, t h e properties remain similar t o those which the m e t a l possesses in t h e particular cold-worked state, 32 ALUMINIUM AND I T S ALLOYS as given in Fig, 4.

These values are only approximate. , and the exact cross section calculated from these figures. 20 ALUMINIUM AND ITS ALLOYS ID. [Length 100 mm. Between shoulders \ Breadth 20 mm. [Thickness 2 mm. Area of cross section 40 sq. mm. Gauge length= ^ Thick Series TYPE II. [Length 100 mm. Between shoulders J Breadth 15 mm. [Thickness 10 mm. Area of cross section 150 sq. mm. Gauge l e n g t h = ^66-678= 100 mm. TESTING LABORATORIES. The experiments on the variation of mechanical properties with cold work (thin series) and the cupping tests (both in t h e worked and annealed states) were carried out at the " Chalais M e u d o n " Laboratory.

The tests were carried out on two series of tensile test pieces from sheets of aluminium, the one 0-5 mm. thick, Type l a , THIN SERIES (Test Pieces 0'5mm. thick) TOO 200 300 400 500 6 0 0 °C Temperature F I G . —Variation in Mechanical Properties o n Annealing a t d i f f e r e n t T e m p e r a t u r e s a f t e r 100 % C o l d W o r k . the other, 2-0 includes metal 300 %. mm. in thick, three Type degrees Id. of Each cold of work, these 50, 100, series and ALUMINIUM A M ) ITS ALLOYS 30 INVESTIGATION OF THE DURATION OF TIME NECESSABY FOB COMPLETE ANNEAL AT VABIOTJS TEMPEBATUBES.

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