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ISBN-10: 1426853157

ISBN-13: 9781426853159

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Ductal carcinoma in situ. —the tumor was less than one centimeter, they’d found it early, and the cancer hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes. Rei’s immediate reaction had been disbelief—the ultrasound tech must have screwed up because there was no history of cancer in her family. She’d been stunned and confused and sorry as hell that she hadn’t gotten regular mammograms as she was supposed to. Then she’d been terrified. She would never forget the knife jab of fear that wouldn’t go away. Sure, in the abstract, everybody had to die sometime.

That’s where sailors had their last drink before shipping out to the Pacific in WWII. Well, I’m sorry it’s over but, hell, I never liked Derek anyway. Like the other men you’ve chosen, he was opinionated, self-righteous and argumentative. You shouldn’t date lawyers. When are you going to admit that I’m always right? J. RE: Already over it Nice ego there, honey. You should have that checked. And I told you not to say I told you! I’m not as sorry as maybe I should be. Then again, it’s not like we were serious.

His mother had wanted her husband back, though, so Chris had done what he could—getting in trouble at school so his parents would have to meet in the principal’s office. But then later his more mature attempts also met with failure… The intercom buzzed, shaking him off that line of thought. He listened to Lara’s voice. “Hi, Chris. ” He thanked her, silently reminding himself to focus on the positive. Things were looking up business-wise. Just as long as nobody found out the truth about him or the secret of Lunch Meetings’ success.

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