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Tatic lateral stahility. Hence, when in\'cstigaling lateral ~tnbilitr. o:;;idel' ~illllll­ taneollsly the change iu the aerudynamic {'ocrficients mx and my. In most praclical casE'S. <:eparatl'ly hy cOIl~iderillg tile challge ill the rele\'ant moment ('o('fJirient~ m~ (1') ilnd my (~). Let liS consider static rolling stability. Assllme lhat ill ~1('Ii(]y motion at the allgJc of al Lack ad the cl"lIft is tllrlH·d IIbout the axis (h through a certain rolling [lliglC! y. -;id('siip angle ~ ;::::; ad sill y.

Should guch calculations have to be performed for other geometric dimensions, the aerodynamic coefficients must be preliminarily converted to the relevant geometric dimension. For this purpose, one mnst use the relations C1Sl = C 2 S 2 (for the force coeflicients). and TnISIL I = Tn 2S 2 {'2 (for the moment coefficients) obtained from tilC conditions of th(' constancy 46 Pt. I. Theory. Aerodynemics 01 en Air/oil end eWing Fill. l Constructing 8 "polar of the first kind of a craft: a-e'l'a vs. I-Cyll.

IlI'bing fOI"('('1< mill lllollU'nll< a('\. II'Y in I lit' I\h::;(>II("C' of roll flIHI I'lip. «lIhilily. the (I il'tIII'IIed Jllo\"('menl~ of 1\ ('I'afl are (,oH~i. ' .. ;:. 11 z (nnd accordingly of the coef· licienl rtl z) is oppol"it(' to the change ill the angle Ct. '. 'orx :-. t. 'al)' 84 Pt. I. Theory. -stallc stabilil)': b-stalic Instability: c-neutrlliity relath'c to statiC stability With static longitudinal instability.

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