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Complex Prolog: concepts and Examples (International sequence in good judgment Programming

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The syntax of designators allows for a similar abbreviation as used in declarations, namely a[ij] in place of a[i]UJ. The latter form expresses more clearly that UJ is the selector on the array ali]. The syntax for the array element designator is $ designator = qualident fT' ExpList "] "}. $ ExpList = expression {"," expression}. In uses of matrices, the for statement comes to its full bloom, particularly in numeric applications. The canonical example is the multiplication of two matrices, where each element of the product c = a*b is defined as c[ij] = a[i,I] * b[lj] + a[i,2] * b[2j] + ...

Consider again the previous example of procedure Add. Very likely a program contains several arrays to which the procedure should be applicable. Redefining it for each such array would be cumbersome, inelegant, and can be avoided by introducing its operand as a parameter as follows. PROCEDURE Add(VAR x: Vector); VAR i: CARDINAL; BEGIN sum: = 0; FORi:= OTON·1 DO sum: = x[i] + sum END END Add The parameter x is introduced in the parameter list in the procedure heading. It thereby automatically becomes a local object, in fact is a place-holder for the actual array that is specified in the procedure calls Add(a); ...

Similarly, replace "p = FALSE" by "NOT pOI. 5 The type CHAR Every computer system communicates with its environment via some input and output devices. They read, write, or print elements taken from a fixed set of characters. This set constitutes the value range of the type CHAR. e. 29 the exchange of programs and data) difficult and often tedious. However, there exists an internationally standardized set, the so-called ISO set. The ISO standard defines a set of 128 characters, 33 of which are so-called control characters.

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