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By Simon Cozens

ISBN-10: 0596004567

ISBN-13: 9780596004569

With a global group of clients and greater than one million committed programmers, Perl has confirmed to be the simplest language for the most recent traits in computing and business.

Every programmer needs to stay alongside of the most recent instruments and strategies. This up-to-date model of Advanced Perl Programming from O'Reilly provides the fundamental wisdom of the trendy Perl programmer. no matter what your present point of Perl services, this booklet can assist you push your talents to the subsequent point and turn into a extra finished programmer.

O'Reilly's so much high-level Perl instructional so far, Advanced Perl Programming, moment version teaches you all of the advanced concepts for production-ready Perl courses. This thoroughly up to date consultant sincerely explains recommendations equivalent to introspection, overriding built-ins, extending Perl's object-oriented version, and checking out your code for better stability.

Other issues include:
* complicated info buildings
* Parsing
* Templating toolkits
* operating with normal language information
* Unicode
* interplay with C and different languages
furthermore, this advisor demystifies as soon as complicated issues like object-relational mapping and event-based development-arming you with every thing you must thoroughly improve your skills.
Praise for the second one Edition:

"Sometimes the most important hurdle to challenge fixing isn't the topic itself yet relatively the sheer variety of modules Perl offers. Advanced Perl Programming walks you thru Perl's TMTOWTDI ("There's a couple of approach to Do It") wooded area, explaining and evaluating the easiest modules for every activity so that you can intelligently practice them in various situations." --Rocco Caputo, lead developer of POE

"It has been stated that sufficiently complex Perl code is indistinguishable from magic. This publication of spells is going far to unlocking these secrets and techniques. It has the ability to rework the main humble programmer right into a Perl wizard." --Andy Wardley

"The details right here isn't theoretical. It offers instruments and strategies for fixing actual difficulties cleanly and elegantly." --Curtis 'Ovid' Poe

" Advanced Perl Programming collects well-deserved wisdom from the very best programmers within the Perl group, and explains it in a manner that even newcomers can follow immediately." --chromatic, Editor of

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