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Mission-Critical Ajax: Maximizing Scalability, functionality, defense, Reliability, and MaintainabilityAdvanced Ajax: structure and top Practices is the definitive advisor to development business-critical, production-quality internet purposes with Ajax. Shawn M. Lauriat systematically addresses the layout, structure, and improvement matters linked to Ajax, providing confirmed styles and strong code examples to be had in no different ebook. you can find top practices for addressing the total spectrum of concerns firm Ajax builders face: scalability, functionality, safeguard, reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and reusability. Writing for skilled net builders, Lauriat gives you clean rules and chic ideas: meaty technical content material, offered with unprecedented readability. one of many subject matters he covers in extraordinary intensity: cleanly enforcing JavaScript customized occasions to minimize coupling and to augment flexibility; overcoming Ajax's conventional accessibility obstacles; decreasing community latency via compression and different options; and masses more.COVERAGE contains• making plans Ajax interfaces for simplicity, readability, and intuitiveness• growing scalable, maintainable architectures for client-side JavaScript• utilizing the most recent instruments to profile, validate, and debug client-side code• Architecting the server facet for protection and performance, whereas proscribing loaded information, gadgets, and activities to present requests• keeping opposed to the main frequent and important Ajax safeguard dangers• Optimizing each part of an Ajax program, from server-sidescripts to database interactions• Introducing state-of-the-art Ajax: online game improvement, Ajax with SVG, and Ajax for cellular units"

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Изучаем Ajax: [занимательный путеводитель по миру динамических веб-страниц: научите ваши веб-страницы говорить и слушать одновременно, выйдите за границы обычного мира при помощи JSON, XML и DOM, изучайте асинхронные и синхронные приложения за чашечкой ко

Книга посвящена технологии веб-программирования Ajax, стоящей на ступень выше базовых DHTML и javascript. С помощью Ajax можно создавать интерактивные веб-приложения, отличающиеся быстродействием и высокой производительностью. Эта книга ответит на вопрос, как асинхронные запросы используются в технологии Ajax, и поможет читателю выйти на новый уровень в создании веб-приложений

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Книга станет Вашим надежным гидом в области создания веб-приложений с HTML5 и javascript, и мы даем вам все, что нужно знать, чтобы построить их, в том числе:. как добавить интерактивности в ваши страницы, как общаться с миром веб-сервисов, и как использовать новые API-интерфейсы, разрабатываемые для HTML5.

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38 Chapter 1 Usability JavaScript may also die on a page if the user happens to stumble across a bug resulting in a JavaScript error or exception, which should not keep the page from working via traditional page loads. This possible malfunction also applies on a less substantial, though more frequent level, as different browsers have varying degrees of support for CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM itself. As such, code will need to branch for each different implementation of a layout or function in order to support each major browser, or it will need to degrade gracefully enough that the users do not even realize that they have missed out on something unless they compare the interface in two browsers side by side.

For instance, the users probably will want to know that the application has created their account, but they probably will not care that the username passed the regular expression tests or that the SQL statement executed successfully. These, together with the other actions required to create the account, would amount to the single action about which the users care: making a new account. The tabbed interface shown at the start of this section could use effects like these to update the interface as the users’ progress, informing them of any corrections they need to make along the way.

Lots of post text. previousSibling; } } } } This gets the root element (as far as this example needs to have) and retrieves a NodeList of all ul elements contained within. It then loops through each of them, working its way from the last child node (a text node containing white space, for most of these elements) until it finds an element node. When it finds such a node, it changes the background color and breaks the loop. By contrast, the following example creates the same DOM structure from generic div elements with CSS classes defining the look and feel:3

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