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By Michael Lucas, Jordan Hubbard

FreeBSD is a strong, versatile, and low-priced UNIX-based working method, and the popular server platform for lots of organisations. comprises assurance of deploy, networking, add-on software program, protection, community providers, method functionality, kernel tweaking, dossier structures, SCSI & RAID configurations, SMP, upgrading, tracking, crash debugging, BSD within the place of work, and emulating different OSs.

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Their monthly issue contains a variety of articles on various BSD topics. org/) This is a bimonthly FreeBSD article site, and includes many useful articles. org/) Another FreeBSD article site. com/ site hosts BSD articles and news links. com/bsd) This site hosts a variety of BSD articles, including the column "Big Scary Daemons" by yours truly. Using FreeBSD Problem−Solving Resources Okay, now let's pick a common problem and use the FreeBSD resources to solve it. We'll use several different methods to find an answer.

Scroll down to the e's, and you'll see this: ............................................................................................... ed(1), −(1) − ed text editor ed(4) − high performance ethernet device driver ... Aha! There are two different eds, in different sections, each with their own man page. Type man 4 ed and you'll see what you want: ............................................................................................... ED(4) FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual ED(4) NAME ed − ethernet device driver SYNOPSIS device ed DESCRIPTION The ed driver provides support for 8 and 16bit ethernet cards that are based on the National Semiconductor DS8390 and similar NICs manufactured by other companies.

39 The FreeBSD Manual The FreeBSD manual is divided into nine sections. Each man page (page of the manual) appears in only one section. Roughly speaking, these sections are: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 General commands System calls and error numbers The C libraries Devices and device drivers File formats Game instructions Miscellaneous information System maintenance commands Kernel system interfaces When reading man pages, you'll usually see the section number in parentheses after the command, like this: reboot(8).

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