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This booklet brings the visible size of environmental crimes and harms into the sphere of eco-friendly criminology. It exhibits how photographic photos gives you a way for eliciting narratives from those that dwell in polluted components – describing intimately and from their perspective what they be aware of, imagine and consider concerning the truth within which they locate themselves residing. Natali makes the argument for constructing a visible method for eco-friendly criminology, with a unmarried case-study as its critical concentration, revealing the significance of utilizing photograph elicitation to understand and improve the reflexive and energetic function of social actors within the symbolic and social building in their environmental studies. studying the a number of interactions among the photographs and the phrases used to explain the socio-environmental worlds within which we are living, this ebook is a choice to open the eyes of eco-friendly criminology to wider and richer explorations of environmental harms and crimes. An leading edge and fascinating examine, this article will be of specific curiosity to students of environmental crime and cultural, eco-friendly and visible criminologies.

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3. Environmental activism, as undertaken by those most involved in promoting a sustainable model of development, starts from the actions and contexts of daily life (Pink 2012b: 5). 4. g. Harper (2012: 39–55); McIntyre (2008: 8–11). 5. ” 6. See Chap. 5. 7. On this, see Benach et al. (2004) and Monge-Corella et al. (2008). 8. See also Davies et al. (2014) for a discussion of the link between invisibility and crimes. 9. An in-depth discussion of the legal issues surrounding the pollution in Huelva is outside the scope of this chapter.

2 A CASE OF ORGANIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CITY AND CONTAMINATION 17 THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK: GREENING RADICAL INTERACTIONISM In this work, I combine a phenomenological sensitivity, aimed at enhancing the “definitions of the situation” used by the social actors (Schutz 1967), with an ethno-methodological attention to the knowledge of “common sense” related to daily life (Garfinkel 1967), in order to problematize what we take for granted. Specifically, just like any ethnomethodologist, I am interested in the study of the “accounts” of social action while it is happening and in the context in which it is happening (see Frisina 2013: 5).

Janesick (2000) highlights the importance of developing and perfecting qualitative methods that are open and at the same time rigorous, and sees the metaphor as a useful tool for thinking of methods of research capable of capturing the shades and complexities of the observed world. She writes: “those who can use imagination in their work will be a significant force in shaping future research projects” (Janesick 2000: 397). 3. Brisman (2014: 23, emphasis in original) writes: “If we take the analysis of environmental crime to be solely an experimental science in search of law, then green criminology’s ambit is rather limited.

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