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By David Chandler

ISBN-10: 0062021257

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Condition made him a legal. future may well make him a hero. As a thief, Malden is extraordinary within the unfastened urban of Ness, and satisfied there. yet via saving the lifetime of the knight Croy, Malden has certain himself to an historic, noble brotherhood . . . and he now possesses certainly one of in basic terms seven historic Blades able to destroying demons. Malden fears accompanying Croy and the barbarian M?rget on their quest to dispatch a bad creature of nightmare . . . nor does he are looking to disturb the vengeful lifeless. yet with an murderer on his heels, the younger cutpurse is left with out selection. and there's the comely sorceress, Cythera, to contemplate— promised to Croy yet in love with Malden—not to say the magnificent treasure rumored to be hidden within the depths of the demon’s lair . . .

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Underneath the bed he found a dry chamber pot. Malden could hear the thieves moving about on the ground floor. How smart were they? he wondered. He needed to make a judgment. If they were at all clever they would leave the same way they came. Leave as little sign of forced entry as they could. If they were fools they would exit by the kitchen door on the ground floor. An easier method of escape, perhaps, but it would put them in full view of the windows of four other houses—and thus, potentially, any number of eyewitnesses.

He saw Aethlinga, who had been a queen—the seventy-ninth of her dynasty—but who became something more. A seer. A diviner. Back then, in the depths of time, she had become the first Hieromagus. Just as he was to be the last. His body twitched, his eyelids in constant motion as if he were dreaming. A serving girl mopped his forehead with a piece of sponge. He tried to wave her away, but lost in reverie, he could only raise a few fingers a fraction of an inch. “I came as soon as I saw the sails. I knew you would want to see this with your own eyes,” the hunter said.

It was a grim place of streets that verged on nothing but charred ruin, all of it hid during the day by the shadow of the city’s towering wall. It was a place decent folk—and thus the city watch—never ventured. Malden had come to know it well. He could find his way through the labyrinth of vacant lots and piles of rubble, through the lanes where weeds grew up through the soot-stained cobbles and moonlight soaked everything a sodden gray. He knew just where to turn, and, more importantly, just where to stop.

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