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By Geoffrey Blainey

ISBN-10: 1442225890

ISBN-13: 9781442225893

A brief historical past of Christianity vividly describes some of the major avid gamers within the religion’s upward push and fall throughout the a while, from Jesus himself to Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Francis Xavier, John Wesley, or even the Beatles, who claimed to be “more well known than Jesus.” Blainey takes us into the realm of Christian worshipers in the course of the ages—from housewives to stonemasons—and lines the increase of the critics of Christ and his followers.

Eminently readable, and written with Blainey’s attribute interest and storytelling ability, this e-book usually areas Christianity on the middle of worldwide historical past. Will it stay close to the guts? Blainey’s narrative illustrates that Christianity’s heritage is a much-repeated tale of ups and downs.

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