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This thesis focuses on MS and MIS as parent disciplines for SMIT research (See chapters 3–4), and although there are many others perspectives in others disciplines they are considered as out of the scope of this thesis. Much strategy research is found in many disciplines; therefore this thesis focuses only on research conducted in the discipline of Management Science. Moreover, this thesis only considers factors related to strategic analysis34, and strategic choices. The scope of this thesis is limited to the strategic analysis process and does not consider the formulation of strategies.

6) are the analysis of data from the disciplines of Management Science and Management Information Systems. 8) includes two major parts: Part I that gives the foundations for the research, in Chapters 1−5, and Part II that presents the analysis and the results of the data collected, Chapters 6−10. ______________________________________________________________________ 34 Part I: Foundations for the Research Chapter 2: CONCEPTS RELATED TO THE STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (SMIT) Chapter 1 presented an introduction to this thesis.

The macro perspective. Consequently, MIS research has some gaps in exploring SMIT. One gap is that the meaning of IT has not been researched in detail31. Moreover, knowledge about strategy theories in the research of the management of IT is lacking32, and consequently it is difficult to integrate IT strategy models33. Comparing the contributions of MS and MIS to SMIT, the following patterns are found. While MS focuses on factors related to the “competitive environment” and has a macro perspective, MIS focuses on factors related to “IT” and has a micro perspective.

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