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By John Dickson

ISBN-10: 031051844X

ISBN-13: 9780310518440

A Doubter’s advisor to the Bible is a concise account of the full biblical narrative and the approach to life it evokes, representing a special and interesting framework for these staring at Christianity from the surface, specially those that imagine there are strong purposes to not believe.

In this publication, Dickson presents a readable and winsome Bible primer summarizing the most topics in scripture, and addresses difficult questions equivalent to “How do we learn the construction account in Genesis in gentle of contemporary technological know-how? “ and, “how will we procedure previous testomony legislation while it seems that inconsistent and irrelevant?”

By providing the complete of the Bible as an account of God’s promise to revive humanity to Himself, and humanity to each other and to construction, Dickson permits believers and skeptics alike to achieve perception into why the Bible has been a compelling, life-changing, and magnetic strength in the course of the a while.

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With Po-lalouli the parents of the pig, Kamapua'a. Hawaii. (Leach, 1956: 170) Po-kinikini With Po-he'enalu-mamao the eighth primordial pair and parents of mankind. Hawaii. (Leach, 1956: 171) Po-lalo-uli The female of the fifth pair of primordial deities. " Hawaii. (Leach, 1956: 170) Polalowehi Goddess of the night/dawn period. With Popanopano the fourth pair and the parents of turtles, geckos and other creatures of the mud/water element. Hawaii. (Leach, 1956: 169) Po-ne'a-aku "Night-creeping-away"the female of the sixth pair of primordial deities.

The Paressi, Brazil. (Lowie, 1925, 4: 172) Unvelingange A pre-existent god, father of Unkulunkulu. The Kaffir, South Africa. " North Nias Island, Indonesia. (Pettazzoni, 1956: 329) Vari A self-existent being of the beginning times. Mangaia, Polynesia. (Poignant, 1967: 33-34) Vari-ma-te-takere The primeval mother who lived in Avaiki, the coconut shell of the initial symbolism of the universe. Mangaia, Polynesia. (Williamson, 1933: 12; Long, 1963: 59) Page 10 Viraj Given sometimes as male, others as female "perhaps symbolizes the cosmic waters.

Budge, 1969, 1: 286-289) Ke-vish-a-tak-vish The first being of the beginning who lived in empty space; created Tuk-mit and To-maiyo-vit. The San LuiseƱo, California. (Du Bois, 1906: 52) Keyum "the hypothetical first cause, . . also sometimes called the Great Mother, . . " out of whom came Sedi-Melo. The Miris (Adi), Northeastern India. (Chowdhury, 1971: 115) Khepera, Khepri The beetle god, the self-produced primordial deity who came into being before all else out of the Watery Abyss. Through self-conception he produced Shu and Tefnut.

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