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By David Dalglish

“We are those who personal the evening. we're the ones with blood on our fingers. we're the reapers, the demons, the darkish shadows wielding metal. we can't be denied our vengeance.”


Haern is the King's Watcher, protector opposed to thieves and nobles who may perhaps fill the evening with blood. but thousands of miles away, an murderer referred to as the Wraith has all started slaughtering these in strength, and leaving the emblem of the Watcher in mockery. while Haern travels south to confront his copycat killer, he unearths a urban governed by means of the corrupt, the grasping, and the harmful. Rioters fill the streets, and the specter of conflict with the mysterious elves hangs over all. to prevent it, Haern needs to confront the lethal Wraith, and the guy he may well become.

A DANCE OF loss of life by way of David Dalglish
Man or God; what occurs while the strains are blurred?

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The falls to the east of the town offered too risky and slippery a crossing on horseback; beyond that, the river was heavily patrolled and the border strongly fenced, as the water was shallow enough for anybody to walk across. The formalities on the Valisandran side of the border were few; a small shack contained an official and a sorry-looking soldier who barely seemed interested in checking anybody going out. On the other side, though, was the tiny Marquewood town ofZabeet, a poor and rundown little place that seemed to subsist on cheap tourist trinkets sold to those who, coming along the trade routes for one reason or another, wanted to say they'd been to Marquewood without actually having to go there.

With his powers, unconstrained by the man-made Books of Rules, he had built and backed the forces of the Dark Baron and conquered over a quarter of the entire land. They had been stopped, though, in a great battle in which Hiccarph's powers were blunted by his inability to act against the two from the other plane at a key point in the battle, and by the subsequent skill of opposing sorcery and swords. Because of that defeat, the Dark Baron's forces had had to withdraw, and both the Baron and Hiccarph were in pretty deep trouble.

CHALKER DEMONS OF THE DANCING GODS 15 and strong, with piercing eyes that seemed almost jet-black, the whole thing set off by a thick crop of truly jet-black hair that hung halfway between his shoulders and waist. His skin was tanned a magnificent bronze and looked tough enough to deflect spears. He wore only a flimsy white loincloth, hung Page 10 Chalker, Jack L - Demons of the Dancing Gods from an ornate hand-tooled leather belt, and a hat, made to his specifications by the milliner in the nearby town of Terdiera.

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