Download A Century of Noir: Thirty-two Classic Crime Stories by Max Allan Collins (editor) & Mickey Spillane (editor) PDF

By Max Allan Collins (editor) & Mickey Spillane (editor)

ISBN-10: 0451205960

ISBN-13: 9780451205964

Thirty-two tales of beautiful ingenuity. Thirty-two writers of mythical genius. 100 years of crime fiction in a specific assortment.

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That’s how the dope came there and that would be how the dope left. What would the government, the police, give for a bit of information like that? They’d give us freedom. They’d have to. It would be a great story that Mary Morse suspected something wrong, hired me and I uncovered the greatest drug-ring that ever got ready to encircle a city—a country even. The other story about Uncle Frank Morse—my killing him—why, we’d just forget that and begin with the coming of Baron Von Stutz, alias Raftner, and Armin Loring.

He said I must. I saw your assistant with him in the Green Room tonight. Does that mean—” I cut her off. ” She gave me his telephone number at once. So her dumbness served me some purpose that time. But when I started to talk to her like a Dutch uncle she hung up on me. Mad? I was fit to be tied. Why should I wait around for Armin to have first shot at me? Wait to let Armin set the time and the place—murder by his watch? Just wait until he was ready—then try my luck against his. No, I had had enough of that.

I fairly gasped, before the truth struck me. “No, that woman. The one who helped you and me when we were prisoners. ” The Flame. Sure, I saw what she meant then. The Flame had told her she was my assistant and I had never told Mary any different. At the time I’d kept silent, perhaps to protect the Flame. Later there was no need. ” “No, I’ve been walking the streets. I don’t know what to do. ” Dumb? For a bright girl she was certainly dumb. Poor kid. No, she wasn’t dumb— except in one thing. How anyone above the age of seven who had seen me in action could think for a moment that Armin Loring would take away my appetite, I don’t know.

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