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By Steve McVey

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Could many churchgoing Christians be getting a diluted Christianity—one that diminishes the loving, giving, personal God who offers the believer every little thing in lifestyles? writer Steve McVey passionately yet unwittingly taught from the pulpit the very lies he now exposes. Forthrightly yet humbly, he exhibits how pastors and church buildings can prove distorting scriptural truths as a result of their preconceptions. commencing up the Scriptures freshly, Steve examines normal difficulties resembling

  • Leaving out 1/2 the truth: "Becoming a Christian ability having your sins forgiven." (We are also made alive!)
  • Using "shorthand" that promotes an unbiblical view: "Our sins are less than the blood of Jesus." (Far larger, they have been taken away!)
  • Confusing our function with God's: "Salvation is giving your existence to Christ." (More vital, He supplies His existence to us!) Readers will see that God's undiluted fact is usually best...and brings a satisfying, shut courting with Him.
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    Too much is at stake to risk faulty communication about the truth. The ultimate goal? My desire is that all of us would embrace and express the pure grace of God. Pure grace points to Him, not us. It declares that whatever good may come to us is all because of His goodness, not because of anything we do or don’t do. It gives Him all the credit, and us none. With that viewpoint in mind, I offer these 52 chapters in the hope that this book will cause your perception and appreciation of God’s grace to grow bigger than they have ever been.

    The answer is no. It is pointless to hope or pray that the Holy Spirit will convict an unbeliever of the things they are doing wrong. He’s not going to do that for one simple reason: Their sins are not the problem. Christ dealt with their sins on the cross. When He said, “It is finished,” He was including the world, not just those who have already believed the gospel. You see, the specific sins—the detailed misbehavior—of a person who isn’t trusting in Jesus Christ are just indicative of a deeper problem.

    By the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, forgiveness came to us, but that’s only half the gospel. The rest of the news is found at the site of an empty tomb. When He arose, we arose with Him to a new life. That aspect of the gospel makes possible the abundant life Jesus promised that He came to give us. Once we understand the complete truth of the gospel—that salvation means that we receive the life of Christ—we become equipped to live the life He came to give us. We have seen previously that the problem humanity had in Adam was not only that we were guilty and in need of forgiveness.

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