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Are you partial to Sherlock Holmes? do you need to grasp a few significant minutiae in regards to the world's maximum detective? if it is Benedict Cumberbatch within the BBC's Sherlock that you simply take pleasure in, or Robert Downey Junior's portrayal within the movie sequence that piques your curiosity, this wonderful ebook of evidence from Jack Goldstein and Jimmy Russell is certain to be a good addition on your bookshelf. With sections masking diversifications of the tales, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and naturally the main impressive and unimaginable evidence, this is often the best solution to discover extra in regards to the best-selling hero.

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A discrepancy in the stories is that Watson’s bullet-wound moves from his shoulder to his leg after it is introduced! And Finally...

The Great Mouse Detective - A Walt Disney Classic Gregory House? Here are ten amazing similarities between Sherlock Holmes and the character of House from his eponymous TV series. The connection between the words ‘House’ and ‘Holmes’ should be quite obvious. Both House and Holmes are experts to whom cases are brought that are too difficult for others to solve. Both are drug addicts - Holmes with his cocaine and House with his Vicodin. Each has a sidekick - Holmes has Watson and House has the similarly-named Wilson.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1987) - Sherlock returns from being cryogenically frozen in his hidden basement. He is discovered by Watson’s great-granddaughter... Sherlock Hound (1984-1985) - a Japanese anime adaptation, the main hook being that Sherlock Holmes is a talking dog. Sherlock Holmes: The Musical (1988-1989) - the less said about this the better. Absurdly Simple (Irene Adler) - the first story in Adler’s rebooted Sherlock Holmes universe which takes his relationship with Watson to a whole new (and intimate) level.

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